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Starting from 1st October 2018, eBay will be implementing additional shipping requirements for certain cross-border transactions shipped from China. Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have action taken against their account(s), such as reduction of selling limits or account restrictions.

What are the criteria & requirements?

  • Items shipped from China to buyers in the United States (with an item value less than or equal to USD5) or to 25 other countries (regardless of item value, see list of countries below) will be required to use an eBay-approved shipping service.
  • On a weekly basis, we will evaluate your your transactions in the prior two-week period for compliance with these requirements.
GC Partial Tracking Criteria

Approved list of shipping services

Express Service:

Express Service List

Full Tracking Service:

Full Tracking Service List

Partial Tracking Service:

Partial Tracking Service List

Please note that it is the seller’s responsibility to check and ensure that the carrier selected matches the buyer’s choice of delivery option.

How are you being evaluated?

Every Sunday, transactions that meet the criteria in the prior 2-week period will be evaluated for compliance with the requirements. You will receive a performance report via email every week after each evaluation.


For example:

GC Partial Tracking  Evaluation


1. How do I check my performance?

You will receive a performance report via email every week after each evaluation.

2. What do I do if I do not receive the email notification?

Please check that you are subscribed to email communications under My eBay. If you are still facing issues, please contact Customer Support.

3. My item is shipping from China to the United States, but my item value is above USD5. Does this policy still apply to me?

Although you do not meet the above criteria, you may still be subjected to our policy for items over USD5 shipped from China/Hong Kong to US buyers stated here.

4. What if I decide not to use one of the approved shipping services?

Using an unapproved shipping service may result in your account being flagged for non-compliance.

5. What if I’m a seller in a market that is not supported by the recommended shipping provider?

eBay is working hard to add additional carriers in markets where there are less options for trackable delivery.

6. My selling limits have been reduced. How do I restore them?

eBay will evaluate all qualifying transactions on a weekly basis. When your account is able to fulfil the minimum requirement in the next evaluation window, your selling limits may be partially or fully restored.

7. I am an eBay Top Rated Seller with excellent shipping performance. Will I be exempted from this policy?

We thank you and value your commitment in delivering a great shipping experience for our buyers. However, all sellers in Southeast Asia must comply with the requirements stated above.

8. I upload tracking numbers for all my orders. Why does my account still not meet the minimum compliance level of this policy?

The tracking information must be uploaded on eBay and have a valid acceptance scan recorded within your listing’s specified handling time. When you input the tracking information, please ensure that you:

1. Input the carrier’s name accurately in the “Carrier” field. Use the suggested spelling as you enter the carrier name.

2. Enter the parcel tracking number following the correct carrier format within the specified handling time.

3. Tender the package to the carrier after printing the shipping label within the specified handling time.

9. My current performance exceeds the minimum compliance rate. Why have my selling limits been reduced?

This policy is part of eBay Southeast Asia’s Tracking Mandate Program. You must meet the minimum requirements of all 3 policies within this program in order to be compliant. You may view the other 2 policies here:

Shipping policy for items over USD5 shipped from China or Hong Kong to US buyers and Shipping policy for orders shipped from Southeast Asia or forward deployed to US buyers

10. Are transactions where I have refunded the buyer included as part of this evaluation?

Refunded transactions are excluded from evaluation.

11. I have multiple eBay accounts - will the selling limit reduction or account restriction affect all my accounts, or only the specific accounts that do not meet the policy requirements?

Our evaluations are based on individual account performance. Only accounts that fail to meet the minimum compliance level of this policy may have selling limits reduced or account restricted.

12. The selling limits in my account have been reduced, even though I have met the policy requirements. What do I do?

You may submit an appeal with our Customer Support team, if you are able to demonstrate the following conditions have been met:

1. You used an eBay-approved shipping service with parcel tracking service.

2. You handed over the parcel to the shipping carrier within your listing’s promised handling time.

3. The correct tracking information was uploaded to eBay (the carrier name must be accurate and the tracking number must be valid without errors or extra characters).

If you meet the above conditions, please contact our Customer Support team with supporting evidence for the affected transactions in the table format below:

 Item ID  Item Price  Tracking Number  Carrier Name

Please note that it usually takes 7-10 business days for the appeal to be processed. We ask for your patience and will inform you of the appeal decision.


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