SEA Shipping Policies

New shipping policies for eBay sellers in Southeast Asia

Starting from 1st October 2018eBay will be implementing the Tracking Mandate Program and Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate evaluation to ensure better shipping services from sellers located in Southeast Asia.

Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have action taken against their account(s), such as reduction of selling limits or account restrictions.

New Seller Metric: Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate

Sellers located in Southeast Asia will be evaluated for delivery-related issues with this new seller metric.

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Tracking Mandate Program

This is a 3 part shipping program - sellers are required to meet the minimum compliance levels for all 3 policies stated below.

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Shipping policy for orders shipped from Southeast Asia or forward deployed to US buyers

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Shipping policy for items over USD5 shipped from China or Hong Kong to US buyers

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Shipping policy for cross-border transactions shipped from China

Tracking Mandate Program Roadmap