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Starting from February 2019, eBay will be introducing new shipping requirements for cross-border transactions shipped from China. Certain items will now be required to be shipped using SpeedPAK, eBay’s cross-border shipping solution for deliveries originating from China, or another eBay-approved shipping solution. Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have certain actions taken against their account(s), such as reduction of selling limits or account restrictions.
Please note that this policy will supersede the prior “shipping policy for items over USD5 shipped from China or Hong Kong to US buyers” (previously announced in September 2018).

What is SpeedPAK?

SpeedPAK is an eBay shipping service developed specifically for cross-border deliveries originating from China. eBay has partnered with Orange Connex Ltd to provide sellers with a logistics solution that is fully integrated with eBay’s platform, offers fast handling and delivery times, and is protected by eBay.

For more information on SpeedPAK, please click here. Please note it is necessary to first register and validate an account on eDIS (eBay’s eDelivery International Shipping platform) before using SpeedPAK services, so sellers are advised to allot sufficient time to do so before policy effective date.

What are the criteria & requirements?

  • Items above a certain value located in China must be shipped using SpeedPAK or an eBay-approved shipping solution (listed below).
  • The shipping solution (e.g. SpeedPAK) and service (i.e. Economy/Standard/Expedited) used must correspond to your buyer’s selected shipping option.
  • Tracking numbers are uploaded to eBay within your listing’s specified handling time. 
  • On a weekly basis, we will evaluate your transactions in the prior two-week period for compliance with these requirements.
Learn more about the latest SpeedPAK update here.

Approved list of shipped services

Approved list of shipping services

How are you being evaluated?

Every Sunday, transactions that meet the criteria in the prior 2-week period will be evaluated for compliance with the requirements. You will receive a performance report via email every week after each evaluation.

For example:

SEA Shipping Policy Evaluation Table


1. Can I use SpeedPAK to ship products containing lithium ion batteries or liquids?

Currently, SpeedPAK is unable to ship such products and the corresponding transactions will be excluded from evaluation. However, as these products are typically not suitable to be shipped via air due to cross-border transport regulations, we strongly advise sellers to arrange for fulfilment and logistics solutions in the same market as their buyers. If such transactions are being evaluated and causing reduction of selling limits or account restrictions, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service.

2. I see that SpeedPAK offers a number of different services. Am I free to ship my item using whichever service as long as it is using SpeedPAK?

Sellers are required to ship their orders using the shipping solution (i.e. SpeedPAK or other approved shipping solution) and service level (i.e. Economy/Standard/Expedited) corresponding to your buyer’s selected shipping option, regardless of the item’s value. In other words, if you have offered SpeedPAK in your listing and the buyer has selected Standard service delivery, you must fulfil the order using SpeedPAK’s Standard service; using a different shipping solution or service level would be considered non-compliant.

3. SpeedPAK is not available in my shipping location in China. Will my account still be evaluated under this policy?

Since May 1 2019, SpeedPAK has expanded to 185 cities across China. However, if SpeedPAK is not available in your location, please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Service for more support.

4. I’m currently using ePacket to ship my products from China. Will those transactions be considered compliant under this policy?

To ensure a great delivery experience for our buyers, we only support SpeedPAK or one of the approved shipping services.

5. I am currently using a logistics provider that provides acceptance and delivery scans. Although this company is not in the approved list, will such transactions be considered compliant as long as their performance is reliable?

No, using an unapproved shipping service may result in your account being evaluated as non-compliant.

6. I used SpeedPAK but the tracking number is not visible on eBay. What should I do?

For sellers who use SpeedPAK via eBay’s eDIS platform, the tracking number is automatically uploaded to eBay once generated, so no special action is required from the seller. For sellers who use SpeedPAK on third party software via API, you may wish to check your settings to ensure the carrier name is configured as SpeedPAK.

7. How do I check my performance?

Starting from February 2019, you will be able to view your performance via our Seller Dashboard. You will be able to find the link to this dashboard via the existing weekly performance e-mail.

8. What do I do if I do not receive the e-mail notification? 

Please check that you are subscribed to email communications under My eBay. If you are still facing issues, please contact Customer Support.

9. My selling limits have been reduced. How do I restore them? 

eBay will evaluate all qualifying transactions on a weekly basis. When your account is able to fulfil the minimum requirement in the next evaluation window, your selling limits may be partially or fully restored.

10. I am an eBay Top Rated Seller with excellent shipping performance. Will I be exempted from this policy?

We thank you and value your commitment in delivering a great shipping experience for our buyers. However, all sellers in Southeast Asia must comply with the requirements stated above. 

11. Are transactions where I have refunded the buyer included as part of this evaluation?

Canceled transactions are excluded from evaluation. However, refunded transactions will still be evaluated.

12. I have multiple eBay accounts - will any enforcement action taken affect all my accounts, or only the specific accounts that do not meet the policy requirements?

Our evaluations are based on individual account performance. Only accounts that fail to meet the minimum compliance level of this policy may face enforcement action.

13. The selling limits in my account have been reduced, even though I have met the policy requirements. What do I do?

You may submit an appeal with our Customer Support team if you are able to demonstrate the following conditions have been met:

  1. You used an eBay-approved shipping service with parcel tracking service.
  2. The acceptance scan from the shipping provider is recorded within your listing’s promised handling time.
  3. The correct tracking information was uploaded to eBay (the carrier name must be accurate and the tracking number must be valid without errors or extra characters).
  4. Your buyer selected SpeedPAK or other approved express shipping option (only applicable to US/UK/DE/AU corridors).

If you meet the above conditions, please contact eBay Customer Support team with supporting evidence for the affected transactions in the table format below:

 Item ID  Item Price  Tracking Number  Carrier Name

Please note that it usually takes 7-10 business days for the appeal to be processed. We ask for your patience and will inform you of the appeal decision.


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