Meet the sellers who took a leap of faith from comfortable desk jobs to the challenging world of e-commerce.

Read how they mastered the trade and conquered the online market scene. Be inspired by their stories. Learn their tips and tricks. One day you’ll make the grade too!

‘The business scaled up to USD7 million in one year!’

– Jeson Wu & Jason See, Founder and Partner of Watcheszon International. 

“Watcheszon International has been selling

“Watcheszon International has been selling on eBay for more than 10 years now.

I started selling on eBay when I was still working full time to supplement my income.

I decided to survey local watch shops. I noted what the retail prices of watches were. I sold them at more competitive prices on eBay.

I got my first sale very quickly. This motivated me to go full time on eBay.”

- Jeson Wu

“When I saw that Jeson had made a success of his eBay store, I soon left my job in IT to join him. 

We’ve had our ups and downs but today, we run a multi-million and multi-category eBay business. In fact, we are top sellers in Singapore. 

We have more than 20 staff under us. Our operations cover both Philippines and Singapore.”

- Jason See

“When I saw that Jeson

Watcheszon International’s Formula for Success.

Take clear photos from multiple angles.

Best Practices:

  • Take clear photos from multiple angles.
  • Optimise your listings.
  • Provide the best in customer service quality


  • Don’t limit yourself to just one product. Expand your categories to reach a wider audience.
  • Focus on current interests, as a buyer’s behaviour changes daily. 
  • Research the international market to stay up to date on current trends.

Don’t limit yourself to just one product.

“Achieved a business of over USD1.5m after 2 years with only 5 staff.”

-    Jarryd Tan & Dan Tan, Founder & Co-Owner of JTBC Global Pte Ltd

“I left my life as an IT consultant

“I left my life as an IT consultant in 2014 to leverage on the rapid rise of e-commerce and to start JTBC Global.

Having no background in retail or trade, I succeeded through a strong merchandising game. This I did by identifying opportunities and offering competitive prices for mobile phones on local marketplaces.

However, the e-commerce industry is an environment of fast saturating markets and ever rising competition. As a result, JTBC Global faced plateauing growth. 

So, I started our eBay business in 2016 to look for the next phase of growth. It was then that Dan left his day job to join JTBC Global.”

- Jarryd Tan

“Today, we have a team of 5 and have achieved a business of over USD1.5m on eBay alone after 2 years on the platform.”

- Dan Tan 

“Today, we have a team of 5

JTBC Global Pte Ltd’s Formula for Success.

Team up with a reliable logistics partner

Best Practices:

  • Team up with a reliable logistics partner and save on international shipping.
  • Sell more and get discounts from eBay.
  • Always provide clear item specifics & descriptions.


  • Cross Border Trade (CBT) offers the opportunity for a wider global audience.
  • See returns in stronger currencies like USD, Euros and GBP. That’s up to 7x more!
  • Achieve up to 200-300 times larger profit compared to local sales.
  • Don’t start your business expecting immediate profit. Build your feedback and ratings and become a trustworthy seller to attract return customers.
  • Offer free shipping and returns to entice more buyers to your store

Cross Border Trade (CBT)

We hope you’ve been inspired by the success stories of Watcheszon International and JTBC Global Pte Ltc. Learn from the best and charge on. Good luck!