What you need to know

Starting from 1st October 2018, sellers located in Southeast Asia will be evaluated on the number of cross-border and forward-deployed transactions with delivery-related issues. Sellers who consistently fall short of our performance expectations may action taken against their account(s), such as reduction of selling limits or account restrictions.

Shipping expectations for cross-border sellers

As a seller, shipping your items in a timely and reliable manner is crucial whether your items are shipped cross-border or forward-deployed. Making sure our buyers receive a great shipping experience is one of our top priorities. When something goes wrong, most of the time it is due to delays, inaccuracies, or lack of visibility related to the delivery of an item.

As a seller, you're expected to follow these best practices:

  • Ship items within your specified handling time
  • Use reliable shipping providers that offer shipment tracking
  • Manage inventory and keep items well stocked
  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs
  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing
  • Follow through on your return policy
  • Respond to buyers’ questions within 3 working days
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction

Evaluation criteria

eBay will be evaluating your account for Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate, defined as:

Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate Definition

The following transactions will be evaluated:

Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate Evaluation

How are you being evaluated?

Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate Evaluation

Recommended shipping services

Recommended shipping services


1. Where can I find my account’s Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate?

An email with your selling performance will be sent to you on a weekly basis.

2. What do I do if I do not receive the email notification?

Please check that you are subscribed to email communications under My eBay. If you are still facing issues, please contact Customer Support.

3. What if I’m a seller in a market that is not supported by the recommended shipping provider?

eBay is working hard to add additional carriers in markets where there are less options for trackable delivery.

4. My acceptance scan was recorded within my listing’s specified handling time, but the item was delivered late due to carrier negligence – am I still considered at fault?

We appreciate your effort in ensuring that the acceptance scan was recorded  within your handling time, and will take your efforts into account when evaluating your account for non-compliance.

5. I have multiple eBay accounts - will any enforcement action taken affect all my accounts, or only the specific accounts that do not meet the policy requirements?

Our evaluations are based on individual account performance. Only accounts that exceed the threshold for non-compliance of this policy may face enforcement action.

6. Can I appeal the action taken against my account?

If you have evidence to support eBay’s evaluation was applied incorrectly, you may contact Customer Support to submit an appeal (please refer to following question regarding appeal process).

7. What are the requirements for an appeal?

In order to be eligible for an appeal, sellers must provide evidence to support your claim. Example: If the delivery delay is due to customs hold, do provide the official supporting documents for your appeal.


Visit the CBT dashboard and keep track of your selling performance.

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