What are product identifiers?

Product identifiers are unique codes that are used to identify specific products. They work like barcodes, just with more descriptors. Including them can help buyers find what they’re looking for, and improve your listings’ visibility by prompting them to appear in search engine results. When listing new or manufacturer-refurbished items, the following product identifiers MUST be used. This also applies to relisted, revised and Good-Til-Cancelled listings.

Product Identifiers

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Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

Universal Product Code (UPC) European Article Numbers (EANs) International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)

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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

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You can either

(i) categorise your products through our matching catalogue








(ii) list them under the Add item specifics section


If you are selling uncategorised items with no product identifiers (e.g. unbranded items, your own products, etc.) you can select Does not apply in order to complete your listing. Note: these uncategorised items are less likely to be viewed.




screen showing add item specifics

How to add Product Identifiers?

Just follow through and fill out the fields as you are creating your listing:

screenshot of how to add product identifiers


Check your listings for missing product identifiers. Go to the Seller Hub and use eBay’s bulk listing and editing tool to update all your existing listings in one go.