Improve Your Search Ranking With Item Specifics

No matter how many times you refresh eBay, does it seem like your listings are never on the first few pages of the search results? It’s not your Internet connection or your browser; it’s you.

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Improve your search ranking with item specifics

To improve your chances of making a sale, you’ve got to be accurate with your descriptions, precise in filling out all your specifics and meticulous in not leaving anything out in your listings. This way, eBay will be able to recognize what you’re selling and display it to the right group of buyers. That's how you get your customer's attention.
We'll show you how it's done!

Serve up the juicy details

If a chef made ‘Penang Char Kway Teow, he wouldn’t just call it ‘fried kway teow’, because that ‘Penang’ part is very specific about how it will taste.

Similarly, your item specifics should be as clear, detailed and accurate as possible. Always use the official brand and product names, include all the relevant specifics and avoid gimmicks like weird $$$pelling!!! or other embellishments. This allows eBay to identify exactly what you’re selling and promote it to the right group of buyers for an increased possibility of closing a deal.

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Don’t Forget Your Item Specifics

If you’re looking for fresh milk in a supermarket, you’d go straight to the Dairy section. Buyers on eBay are no different.
They will focus their search for specific items and their specifics to quickly find and make a purchase.

If potential buyers filter their search by selecting item specifics such as brand, product type and colour - which you left out or filled incorrectly, then your listing won't even appear in their search results! How can they possibly buy your item when they can’t even see it? It's important to provide specifics.

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Be Seen On Mobile

Would you enter a store with an empty display? Over 60% of buyers shop on mobile and the item specifics of your listing are what they would see at first glance.
If you leave out your item specifics, a blank screen will greet your buyers when they click to find out more about your listing. Make sure you catch the attention of your potential buyers by including all technical and item specifics in their relevant fields!

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Keeping It Real

In order for eBay to recognize your item and approve your listing, you will need to fill in its Unique Product Code, brand and Manufacturer Parts Number within the item specifics. It might be a minor hassle for you to look for these details, but it goes a long way towards ensuring your item is seen by the right buyers. And don’t try to bluff us with fake numbers or risk facing the consequences.

Item specifics 7
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Now that you understand the importance, here's how to do it:

Start by filling in your Product Name into the search box and selecting the appropriate Category based on the drop down options.  

Item Specifics Step 1

The item specific fields that you have to fill are auto-generated based on the Product Name and Category that you have input above. Fill in as many fields as possible, especially the important features and keywords. The eBay search algorithm use these inputs to match your listing with buyer searches.

In this example, we listed a Women's shoe and will need to fill in details such as brand, size, style, colour, etc - which are common search criteria that buyers care about. 

You can also add your own Item Specifics if the ones shown are not sufficient to explain your product such as the Year of Manufacture.


Item Specific Fields

And that’s all there is to it!

All the successful sellers on eBay are already practicing these techniques on a daily basis to get more sales, and guess what? You can do it too! 

Start editing and filling in your specifics correctly so eBay can easily recognize your item and lead your potential buyers to you with the Best Match Search!