Five Highly Successful Photo Habits

Habits make or break a person, just as they will make or break your eBay business. If you learn these five habits and transform your listings, you may just become an eBay big boss one day.

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1. Always Upload More Than One Picture

More than 50% of eBay purchases are made on mobile phones. But mobile screens are so small, so it’s very hard to see the details in a picture. Then how? Simple. Take more photos! (It’s free, okay? Don’t have to pay for film, maybe only electricity bill to charge your phone.) And – shhh – here’s the secret: eBay algorithms push your listings up when you upload more photos.

Upload Multiple Pictures

2. Always Show Off The Real Thing

Artsy photos look good, but this is not a photo contest! Your photo got flowers here flowers there, but if no one can tell what you are selling, then no sales lor. So you tell me, what’s the use? Take photos of exactly what you are selling, period. If the size is not clear, put a ruler next to it. Don’t waste your time and the buyer’s time doing returns because your photo did not make the item’s size clear.


3. Always Make Sure Images are Clear

  • Step 1: If your hand is shaky, use the image stabiliser option.
  • Step 2: Tap on what you want to focus on. (Tap on your camera phone screen ah, not your item.)
  • Step 3: Snap your photo!
  • Step 4: Immediately zoom in to check if your photo is sharp. (It should not be blur unless you are selling sotong.)

Repeat the steps above until you have a sharp photo. If my photos are sharp, buyers can use their computers to zoom in to see the small, small serial number of the iPad I am selling. Now, they cannot say that I cheat them, can they?


4. Always Make My Item Stand Out

When you go on Facebook, you will see many beautiful pictures: food, cat, scenery, etc. You know what they all have in common? Clean background. So when you take photos of your item, keep the background white and clean so your item stands out. Keep the pictures simple to attract attention to the right things… not your unwashed laundry in the background. Keep the photos accurate and show only what you want to sell.

I won’t be surprised if this item receives refund requests because the buyer thought he was buying surveillance service. Avoid misunderstandings and make it 100% clear what you are selling!


5. Always Take Photos From All Angles

Once your pictures are clean and clear, people will want to look at your listings and buy your things. If you don’t already know, 66% of buyers do not scroll to read your listing description, so make sure you upload all the different angle shots in the image field to lure them in. So take as many pictures as you can of your item from the front, back, side and even close-up. (But please ah, no selfie of yourself) Remember, more photos = 6% more views and 12% more sales!

Take from front, take from side, take from back. Take inside, take outside. If you can take, just take lah.