Perhaps you are feeling like a superhero after a stretch of successful eBay sales. Then all of a sudden… selling limits? You’re unable to put up new listings. Your Good-till-cancelled listings end automatically. What are these invisible forces holding you back?
Here’s how you can easily increase your selling limit and boost your sales!

But hold on…. what are selling limits?

selling limits maximum items

The maximum number of items you can list at once, or

selling limits dollar value

Total dollar value of items you can sell before hitting a threshold (aka limit) and are not able to list more items.

All sellers, new or experienced, have a selling limit on their account. It is how we check in with you to see whether you are managing your sales, whether your business is growing and whether you’re sustaining growth at a healthy rate. It is also how we maintain a secured marketplace where buyers feel safe making purchases. New sellers that have never requested for a selling limit increase will have a default limit of 10 items and USD$500.

How do I increase my selling limits?

How do I increase my selling limits

1. Go to: 

2. Submit a few documents to help us to verify your identity and your business situation. 

1. Proof of Identity

A government-issued identification document such as your NRIC or Passport (Coloured image required). The name on your submitted document MUST match the name used to register your eBay account.

2. Proof of Address

A utility bill or bank statement reflecting both your name and address, both of which MUST match the details in your registered eBay account.

3. Proof of Merchandise

Invoices or Purchase Order from suppliers that reflect your recently purchased stock.

4. Seller Questionnaire

A series of questions to help us understand more about your business.

5. Business Registration Certificate

*Applicable only for eBay Business Accounts

Submit the latest valid business registration certificate issued by SSM (for Malaysia registered business) and ACRA (for Singapore registered business)

3. eBay customer support team will respond in 3-5 working days. Your higher selling limit kicks in immediately upon confirmation.

Please submit your most recent documents for a prompt response. Documents submitted in the past automatically expire after 60 days, even if your details remain the same.

Tips to speed up your review process:

How to speed up review process

Tip 1

Only sellers with an account registered with an address in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or Vietnam will be eligible for submissions via this form.

How to speed up your review process

Tip 2

Ensure it’s been 30 days since your last selling limit request.

How to speed up review process

Tip 3

Resolve your account suspension, restriction or below-standards issues before requesting for a selling limit increase.

Increase your selling limit now and become a top seller.

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