Here is how to set up an individual account

This is recommended for casual sellers or if you just want to dabble and dip your toes into selling on eBay. If you’re a business seller, scroll down to and learn how to set up a business account.

Here is how to set up a business account

Are you a seller with a full-fledged business?

Why open an account on or when you’re selling CBT?

You will be entitled to local customer service support, local selling limit increase procedures and other benefits designed specifically for sellers in South East Asia.

Setting up PayPal on smart phone

Don’t have a PayPal for Business account?

  • Go to PayPal Malaysia or PayPal Singapore 
  • Follow these steps to open a PayPal business account.
  • Link your credit card with your PayPal Business account.
  • (Malaysia) You will receive a 4-digit verification number via SMS if you register with your mobile number.
  • (Singapore) Your 4-digit verification number will appear in your bank statement after a few days.
  • Link your bank account with your PayPal Business account to receive payment.

Next Step:

Increase your selling limit

All new sellers have a default limit of 10 items or USD500. Follow these steps to sell more on eBay.

Start listing

Congrats! To start listing, go to the eBay site of your chosen market and start listing: (United States) (Australia) (United Kingdom) (Germany)